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Do you have a concern to share with our Chief Compliance Officer?

Compliance Concerns to be reported include:

• Violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics
• Non-Compliance with Laws
• Improper Accounting, Accounting Controls or Auditing
• Bribery
• Conflicts of Interest
• Illegal Activities
• Theft or Fraud, Waste, or Abuse
• Discrimination, Harassment, Workplace Violence
• Safety, Health or Environmental Issues

Four Ways to Report an Issue

  1. Contact your Compliance Officer directly:
    Compliance Officer Name: Ben Mezer
    Phone: 719-576-1850 Fax: 719-576-1929
    Email: BMezer@HeroDVO.com
  2. For anonymous issue reporting:
    1. Dial Toll-Free 1-844-891-2480 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Write down the case number you are given. A written summary of your call will be sent to the chief compliance officer. To receive a response from Hero Practice Support Center, call back after five business days and provide your case number.
    2. Send an email to: Compliance@GetInTouch.com.
    3. Submit your concern via the web at www.intouchwebsite.com/HeroAdventure