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Compliance Guidelines

Detailed Compliance Guidelines. Strictly Enforced

Compliance, transparency, and integrity are key components of the Hero service offering.

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Hero Practice Service Compliance Plan

The company has created a compliance program that provides end-to end support for our practice personnel. Some of the key components of the plan include:

Detailed Written Standards: We have documented detailed compliance policies and procedures describing the duties and obligations of all team members. Team members are expected to know, understand, and follow all policies and procedures that apply to their work, to seek clarification from their supervisor if they have any questions, and to report potential compliance issues when they arise. Providers are expected to carry all required licenses and follow the ethical and professional standards dictated by their respective professional organizations and licensing boards. Our compliance standards cover numerous topics, some of which include:

Training & Education: As part of our compliance program all Team Members are required attend periodic general and specific compliance education and training programs. Training is also included in the orientation of new Team Members. Training covers Hero policies, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Laws, Anti-Kickback, and HIPAA. It emphasizes each Practice’s commitment to compliance with all aspects of federal and state programs; and reinforces that strict compliance with the law and compliance policies is a condition of employment and that failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Effective Lines of Communication: One key to effective compliance is to have multiple mechanisms for employees to report suspected misconduct without fear of recrimination. HERO and the Practices encourage open discussion with an immediate supervisor to facilitate a timely and relevant resolution. We understand there may be cases where Team Members are uncomfortable discussing an issue with their supervisors. In these cases, we encourage individuals to contact a member of the senior management team or report the complaint through an anonymous mechanism such as the company’s compliance hotline.

Internal Auditing & Monitoring: Hero Practice Services conducts routine compliance monitoring to measure adherence to laws, regulations, and/or internal policies. The Chief Compliance Officer oversees these audits to evaluate the Compliance Program’s efficacy, including review of each Practice’s submission, billing, coding processes, and medical record documentation.

Disciplinary Guidelines and Prompt Corrective Action: The Chief Compliance Officer promptly investigates potential violations or misconduct and, if a violation has occurred, works with the Practice to ensure steps to remedy the situation are put in place.