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Braces for Life-Long Oral Health

At Hero Practice Services, we believe that life-long oral health requires both strong teeth and proper alignment. That is why many of our affiliated practices offer orthodontic services in addition to dental and vision care.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Benefits of Orthodontic Braces

A warm smile is the universal welcome, and there’s no question that children with bright, beautiful smiles are more confident and successful than those who feel the need to hide their teeth from the world. Sometimes, however, even individuals with straight teeth have a serious need for orthodontic braces. A misaligned bite can impact a person’s ability to chew food and even speak clearly. Properly aligned teeth can alleviate additional wear and grinding that can result in loss of tooth support over time. The list of health benefits of properly aligned teeth includes:

At Hero Practice Services we understand both the health and beauty benefits of orthodontics and encourage all patients (even those with straight teeth) to complete an orthodontic screening at the age of seven to determine if orthodontics are recommended.

Affordable Braces Create Healthy, Confident Kids

At Hero Practice Services, we believe that no child should have to endure the negative health impacts of misaligned teeth due to the cost of treatment. Non-cosmetic orthodontics are covered by Medicaid and many insurance plans. For our patients that exhibit a medical need for orthodontic braces, we work directly with payors to demonstrate the need and get treatment approval. For cases where braces would be purely to improve the patient’s appearance, we have highly competitive monthly payment plans and financing available.

The Latest Orthodontic Techniques

Hero Practice Services dental and orthodontic teams partner to provide an end-to-end oral health home for the patients we serve. Dental patients are provided free orthodontic consultations when the time is right. If orthodontia is recommended, our orthodontists take the time to explain the whole process to both the child and parents to settle on a treatment plan. Our offices can provide a wide variety of care options; including: