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Who We Are

Quality Kids Care Made Easy

Access to quality dental, vision and orthodontic care has a lasting impact on a child’s health, confidence and school performance, so at Hero Practice Services, our goal is to make sure every child has access to the care they need. Since we offer multiple services under one roof, busy parents can schedule all their children’s check-ups in a single visit. We welcome Medicaid and most insurance plans at all our practices, so parents can get their children the care they need without worrying about the cost. Best of all, we make care fun. From our kid-friendly waiting rooms and treatment areas to our highly trained staff, we go out of our way to make kids and their parents feel comfortable.

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The Marriage of Quality and Efficiency

Hero affiliated practices treat hundreds of thousands of patients each year. To provide timely access to the most children possible in the neighborhoods we serve, requires a high level of operational efficiency. That’s where Hero Practices Services comes in. Below are some of the ways we support our practices to drive operational excellence:

Staffing and Training: The most important factor driving impacting efficiency is the availability of a highly skilled and motivated staff. We have proven models to guide how much staff is needed and hiring and training practices to make sure employees get up-to-speed quickly.

Scheduling and Appointment Reminders: Scheduling is critically important to our patients. They need to be able to get on the schedule quickly and, when they arrive, get treated on time. In many cases, we can offer same-day or next day appointments, can schedule multiple children for the same day and coordinate dental, vision and orthodontic appointments to make life easier for parents.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our offices are designed for maximum efficiency and patient comfort. From the large, kid-friendly waiting rooms, to our treatment areas, the practices are designed to reduce bottlenecks and simplify patient flow.

Billing: We strive to support our patients with all their billing needs working directly with public and private insurers to process payments with minimal patient involvement.

Patient Education: We partner with the families we serve to help our patients stay strong and healthy. Education plays a big role and we deliver critical health information in our offices, online and at community outreach events.

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Best-in-Class Compliance Program

To ensure our ability to continue to serve patients requires that we define and adhere to strict compliance guidelines. We are proud to have a highly effective compliance program in place that continually audits our practices to be sure we are living up to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves.

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Reaching Out

We are part of the communities we serve and love to partner with schools, faith-based organizations, social service agencies and other community groups to educate parents and kids on the importance of oral hygiene and regular dental and vision check ups.

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A History of Expanding Care

Since its founding in 2006, Hero has been focused on delivering high-quality care to children in need.

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