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Don’t Forget the “Eye” in Child

At Hero affiliated practices, we aim to make it easy for parents to get their kids the care they need. One big way we do that is by providing Dental, Vision and Orthodontic care all under one roof, enabling families to get all their children’s checkups completed in a single visit.

Importance of Comprehensive Vision Exams

An estimated 10 million school aged children suffer from treatable vision problems that can have a significant impact on early development and school performance. While much of children’s learning during their first six years is visual, 86 percent of children do not receive an eye exam during that time. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association recommend comprehensive screening between 6-12 months then every 2 years thereafter. A lot of parents believe that if their child has passed a vision screening at school, no further eye care is needed. Unfortunately, many problems go overlooked in school and pediatrician screenings, and a comprehensive eye examination performed by an optometrist is the only true way to detect vision problems in children; including:

Additionally, many parents aren’t aware that children’s vision care, including glasses when needed, is fully covered by Medicaid. At Hero affiliated practices we educate parents on the need and the accessibility of quality vision care, so we can detect potentially limiting vision issues early.

Optometrists Focused on the Whole Child

Hero Practice Services optometrists are licensed generalists who opt to work with children because they believe in the mission of early detection and treatment of vision issues to facilitate development and learning. They routinely consult with parents about each child’s behavior to determine if he/she is presenting signs that could suggest a vision problem. All vision care offices are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, and our optometrists receive ongoing training and continuing education in best practices according to the guidelines of the American Optometric Association. Vision providers at Hero Practice Services affiliated practices are supported by our Optometric Clinical Director who helps define, train and ensure compliance with the highest standards of care.

Great Eye Glasses for Kids

Approximately 20 percent of children age 9 to 15 need glasses, and it’s our job to make sure they get great glasses fast. We carry over 350 Medicaid-approved frames for children of all ages and typically deliver great-looking glasses to patients in less than five days.