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Provider Profiles

Meet the Team

Provider ProfileMichael Pharris, OD

Location: Colorado Springs, CO Favorite Superhero: Superman

Dr. Michael Pharris is Optometric Clinical Director for Hero Practice Services. He defines, trains and monitors the optometric standards of care across all practices, and he fills in wherever needed with patient care. “My passion is making sure children’s eyes and their visual systems are set up to learn and develop properly. I coined the term, ‘Don’t Forget the Eye in Child,’ because it’s my goal to increase the awareness of the importance of visual acuity in childhood development and learning.”

Provider ProfileSheila Brown, DDS, MPH

Location: Wichita, KS Favorite Superhero: Spiderman

Dr. Shelia loves kids. She has a few of her own and has been taking care of kids’ teeth for over five years. Dr. Shelia instantly puts kids at ease with her sweet smile and and uncanny knack for taking their minds off their mouths during each dental visit. “I have so much fun with these kids. Seeing them year after year and helping them do what it takes to have a great smile. I get it that most kids are scared of the dentist, and I go overboard to make them feel comfortable – that way I know they’ll keep coming back and getting the care they need.”

Provider ProfileJohn DuRussel, DDS, MS

Location: Aurora and Lakewood, Colorado Favorite Superhero: The Green Hornet

Dr. John DuRussel, MS, DDS, Orthodontic Program Director, leads our team of talented orthodontists across the country. In addition to leading this team, Dr. DuRussel shapes amazing smiles!
For Dr. DuRussel, “Nothing is more fun than unveiling a new smile – when kids and parents can look at the before and after photos and think, ‘Wow, I look amazing!’, that’s the best part of the job.”

Provider ProfileRebecca Misner, DMD

Location: Colorado Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Meet Dr. Rebecca Misner. She is Hero Practice Services’ Western Regional Dental Director. Dr. Becky travels across the West supporting our dentists with both mentorship and training, while also treating the kids when other dentists are away. She’s got a big heart and gentle hands – the perfect combo for treating children from Greeley to Wichita. “I love this job. I get to teach the newest members of the team while still being able to provide dental care for the patients. It is very rewarding to meet parents that are so grateful to have a welcoming dental home for their kids. Every day, I feel like I’m able to make a difference.”